About Us

About Us - We’re Synergy Specialists, and our core mission is to serve as an agency for dental specialists. One crucial way we support our specialists is with out online shop where we sell low-cost personal protective equipment (PPE).  


What we’re selling - PPE consists of all the protective equipment a dentist or dental specialist will wear during a dental visit: face masks, face shields, gloves, protective gowns, hand sanitizer, and more. 


Why we’re selling it - Since the COVID-19 hit, global demand for PPE has exploded. It’s become extremely expensive for dentists to get the equipment they need. Also, many of the major dental suppliers are having issues with gathering the PPE their customers need. We’ve quickly been able to assemble a number of PPE suppliers to create a unique collection of products that is unlike anything else on the web. 


Our market advantages - Since we are a small agile company with many connections and resources, we can bring together much more varieties of N95 and KN95 masks than a traditional distributor. We can also access products at much lower pricing and deliver them to market at wholesale-level pricing. 


How this helps the industry - As new PPE products become available, we hope to drive down costs to help dentists recover from the shutdown. 


If you work in the dental industry and have established relationships with specialists or dental practices, please reach out to us to see how you can become an ambassador for our specialty network. Synergy Specialists primarily serves as a platform to connect independent specialists with opportunities to work in GP practices on an as-needed basis. Reach out to me at darius@synergyspecialists.com if you have any further questions. 


Thank you for your support. 

Darius Somekhian, CEO 

Synergy Specialists


Practice Application: https://share.hsforms.com/1cqnxDVb-S7K1Vh7oOFceww47tt9